Teacher Training

Take your love of Let Your Yoga Dance® one step further by becoming a certified Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor. Join Megha and fellow trainers at Kripalu Center either in one complete training, or in two sections.

Learn More about Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training

Let Your Yoga Dance®Teacher Training is a powerful, joyous training. Megha has been training teachers for almost thirty years; she has developed her own unique training system which inspires rather than demeans, enriches rather than frightens her students. Her intention is to build up the spirit and self-esteem in each one of her trainees so that they experience their unique brilliance, then - in turn - offer their gifts back out to the world.  The training is an inquiry into becoming the very best instructor of Let Your Yoga Dance® that one can be.
The training is offered either in ten full days, or in two five-day sections. Participants get to know their body and the chakras in a brand new way. Their relationship to music will never be the same. They will experience the art of being a transformational teacher. All this is created in a safe and loving environment. Trainees receive tools not only for being a v educator, but will continue to receive gifts and tools after graduation for as long as they wish. 

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 1:

Mod 1 is all about the science and method of Let Your Yoga Dance® and its applications. You will learn (through some lecture and vast experience) all about the chakra system and how it relates to a Let Your Yoga Dance® class. You will dance through the chakras and receive a tremendous music library. You will learn how different kinds of music relate to the chakras while it weaves through the class. To become certified, Module 1 must be taken first, then followed by Module 2

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 2:

Mod 2 is an outgrowth of the chakra-yoga-dance-music-movement methodology that is learned in Mod 1. You will practice at home between the two parts, so when you return to complete the training, you will have tremendous confidence and all the tools you need to succeed. This learning environment is under the umbrella of compassion for self and for other. No competition. Kindness is key. The graduation ceremony, complete with diploma certifying you as a Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor, is deeply moving. Many graduate teachers have reported that the ceremony was more powerful than their wedding day or college graduation.

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 3:

Dance your way to the program that people have been asking for for years! This strength-based training will give you the tools you need to bring Let Your Yoga Dance® to impressionable young ones. Imagine the younger generation immersed in a dance form that is not only fun, but rich and deep, and respectful of all bodies, genders, ages.


Let Your Yoga Dance®Teacher Training for Special Populations

Learn to teach Let Your Yoga Dance® in and out of chairs for people with special needs: People with Parkinsons, MS, the elderly, people with arthritis, people suffering from depression, people healing from cancer and/ or undergoing chemotherapy can receive many benefits from taking special populations classes.

Module 1 of Let Your Yoga Dance
® Teacher Training

Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training for Special Populations will teach you to:
  • Serve people who need and want to move their bodies but are hindered due to illness, pain,lack of mobility
  • Study, practice, and teach appropriate pranayama-breathing techniques for this population
  • Discover creative ways to dance your yoga in chairs and to teach it to your students
  • Heighten your sensitivity to the emotional and mental needs of special populations
  • Understand the power that Music has upon the Brain
  • Practice-teach and mentor fellow participants in the dance of yoga
  • Practice-teach with visiting special needs students

About Certification

  1. To become a Let Your Yoga Dance instructor, you must take Module 1 and 2 consecutively.
  2. To become a special populations instructor, you must take the special populations certification as well as Module 1. Of course, Module 2 is highly recommended.
  3. When you take all three modules, you will be a certified Let Your Yoga Dance instructor and a certified Let Your Yoga Dance for Special Populations instructor.