Weekly Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson's Online Zoom Classes


Wednesday, August 19, 2020 to Wednesday, November 4, 2020


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Please note, there will be no online classes until Sunday, August 16th.

Time: 10:00am EDT (7-8am PDT, 8-9am MDT, 9-10am CDT, 4-5pm CET)

Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson's Online Zoom ClassJoin Megha-Nancy Buttenheim for an ongoing Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson’s series, held on ZOOM video, every Wednesday from May 13-Nov 4.

Created by Megha over two decades ago, Let Your Yoga Dance is a unique, joy-based transformational movement practice combining gentle, user-friendly dance, easy yoga, the chakras, breath, moving meditation, qigong, and relaxation - with eclectic music from around the world.

Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson's brings this delightful practice to the Parkinson's community, offering a mix of movement, song, creativity, and easy yoga that has brought increased strength, flexibility, balance and JOY to hundreds of Parkinson’s students since 2007. This is a safe, joyful practice that literally anyone can do — in and around chairs — because it is offered in a fun-filled compassionate environment. It is accessible to everyone, both students and caregivers.

This class is possible in part by a generous grant from the American Parkinson Disease Association.

This video live class is designed for the Parkinson’s community of Massachusetts, your loved ones, and caregivers. Invite your friends along for this healthy, virtual joy fest. No experience necessary.

American Parkinson Disease Association

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Note: Please try to register no later than 1 hour prior to class. We may not be able to respond in a timely way once the class begins.

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